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1986 VIXEN 21 TD, VIN 0055


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The odometer reads  001675   so we didn't travel very far.  We replaced it after we bought it 10 years ago.

As far as the price goes...  $11,000.00 or better if possible would help.   

I know Bob updated the engine area but I can only give general info.... I think he added a second radiator or fan,  updated the air filter.  He had a friend help him after the engine broke down and spent a lot of time on it and tuning it up.  When they were done I know it started up.  

The interior lights have been converted to LED's and some on top may have been switched to LED's also.

We had a new AM FM / CD player radio installed. 

I repaired the passengers side rear view mirror. 

I also purchased new latches for the sun roof the one above the drivers seat has been installed.  The other one is set aside to be done by the new owner.

We installed a Backup Camera so all the wiring is in place with it's mounting bracket on the dash.  I am currently looking for the screen that sits in the bracket.

All of the cabin windows and sun roof have been professionally removed tInted and put back in place.

Now for the bad news....   the passenger front window is cracked, it needs a good cleaning. and its engine area covers put back on.  For now they are inside the Vixen.

I have also placed inside a few hardware items for installing in the kitchen and the brand new hoses for the sewer dumping along with a new waste valve still in its box.  

Alloy wheels and new tires. The inside HEADLINER needs repair or replacement. The right rear quarter panel and rear bumper are included but are not currently attached.

parting with the Vixen is like loosing a fond memory but a necessity.

Letting someone else share in the fun and make memories of their own helps me say good bye.

 PRICE: $11,000




    Cynthia Campbell

    shimmeryd@aol.com   And she asks that you put "Vixen 0055" in the subject line of your email to her.

    1404 Camellia Drive, East Palo Alto, CA 94303






1986 VIXEN TD, VIN #100


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Our family has outgrown our Vixen (#100 - we're the second owners) and it's time to move on. These vehicles are fairly rare and this one, which has 400,000 miles on the chassis and approximately 52,000 miles on a total engine rebuild, is in pretty good shape. It's been used (we drove it from Maine to Colorado a couple of years ago and all over New England since then) and the price is set to reflect the wear and tear on the vehicle. That being said, I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere tomorrow. 

We have all records, to include any/all tech manuals and diagrams you could want. The last owner purchased it new and kept a meticulous log of all work and upgrades. We've tried to do the same and have been diligent with regards to maintenance. We also had the problematic air leveling system replaced with Bilstein shocks and the short shifter kit installed (both from Greg Ericsson's AFAB Vixen shop in Montana). Oil and glow plugs just replaced. The radiator was recently completely recored and all belts replaced (probably the Vixen's biggest weak spot, in addition to engine cooling-related issues). The Webasto system's pump was replaced and it works flawlessly. We always added diesel additive to every fill-up. The tires are in good shape. Original radio was gone when we bought it so we installed an Alpine head unit and four new speakers. Shower drain pump works fine, as does the galley sink pump. No rust anywhere except for the battery cage, and that's an easy weld job. New house batteries (gel) in 2014. Power inverter is original but records indicate it was rebuilt in the 90s; we've never had a problem with it. All water/sewage fittings work fine.

The "issues" with this Vixen are as follows:

  • The alternator bracket has a crack in it. It's not going anywhere but should be replaced/welded at some point
  • No horn and no cruise control.
  • The windshield has two small starburst cracks that were drilled and filled so they wouldn't expand but they are noticeable.
  • Dash air conditioning was recharged last year but it's never blown very cold.
  • The refrigerator and microwave are gone. We've never replaced them because we like having the extra storage so we just put a cooler in the empty space.
  • Headlights are dim. 
  • Windshield wipers work but are very slow. 
  • The onboard air compressor is still intact but stopped working. To lift the roof, we installed a valve and purchased a 12V mini-compressor that we plug in when we're ready. 

And finally, the biggest issue is the wear and tear in the vehicle. The carpet is worn, the seats aren't torn but they're 30 years old, and the headliners are missing/worn. Not sure what a conversion van shop would charge to redo these things but, again, we think the price reflects that. 

PRICE IS $16,900






    (207) 272-6194

    105 Main Street, Warren, ME 04864


Key Benefits

  • 26 to 30 mpg
  • Ease of handling
  • Parks in standard garage




1986 Vixen 21 TD 0100 16,900
1986 VIXEN 21 TD 0047 SOLD
1986 VIXEN 21 TD 0003 SOLD
1986 VIXEN 21 TD 0055 11,000
1986 Vixen 21 TD 0186 SOLD
1986 VIXEN 21 TD


1986 VIXEN 21 TD 0110 SOLD
1986 VIXEN 21 TD 0162 SOLD

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